FAC-200 -Fully Automated


Product Code: 1459
Brand: Coagulation Analyzer


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  • * Inductive dual magnetic circuit method.
  • * Independent sample and reagent probes.
  • * 1000 continuous cuvettes give no test suspending for cuvettes feeding.
  • * Original reagents lead to correlative and traceable result.

1 Advanced Testing Method

  • * Inductive dual magnetic circuit method makes use of electro-magnetic fields. No affection of magnetic field attenuation.
  • * No disruptions from icterus, hemolysis, chyles and turbid particles.
  • * Test result by sensing relative motion of magnetic beads. No affection of the plasma viscosity.
  • * Intelligent switching between normal and weak vibration .More accurate result of low fiber sample.

2 Unique Designs of Dual Probes

  • * Independent sample and reagent probes.

* Liquid surface induction inside probes.

* Instantly heating to 37 °C with precise control inside sample probe.

3 High-speed Motion Mechanisms

  • * 1000 continuous cuvettes give no test suspending for cuvettes feeding.
  • * Synchronic motion mechanical manipulators on X,Y and Z orientations.
  • * High-speed cuvettes feeding and random assortment of testing channels. No waiting period for pre-heating.

4 Accurate Temperature Control Systems

  • * 16°C temperature control ability of reagent positions.
  • * 37°C  thermostatic control of testing and pre-heating positions.
  • * Inner heating ability of the probe keeps constant temperature of reagent.

5 Easy Operation Process

  • * Compatible to any tube.
  • * Random assortment of testing items on all channels.
  • * Emergency testing on any position.
  • * Abnormal results prompting and automatic re-test.
  • * Error prompting and insufficiency alarm for reagent and cleaning fluid.
  • * Testing report in various formats.

6 Excellent Testing Performances

  • * Up to 200 tests per hour of single item.
  • * 30 samples per hour of mixed tests of four routine items.
  • * High linearity with correlation coefficient > 0.980.
  • * Wide FIB testing range of 0.3-12g/L.

7 Wonderful System Solutions

  • * Full automated analyzer.
  • * Original reagents for all items.
  • * Application services on instrument, reagent and control.
  • * High correlation and traceability of testing result.


Testing Method Inductive dual magnetic circuit method. Signal from eddy current sensor
Testing Items PT,APTT,FIB,TT,AT-III,HEP,LMWH,PC,PS and all types of endogenous and exogenous factors.
Throughput 200 Ts/h.
CV <3 %
Testing Positions 4
Pre-heating Positions 10
Reagent Positions 6, with cooling and stirring ability
Sample Positions 30, interchangeable and extensible sample rack compatible to any tube
Cuvettes 1000 units/ load
Port USB and RS232
Data Transmission Dual way, HIS/LIS supported


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