XRS-9000D Universal Radiographic System


Product Code: 1275
Brand: X-ray Radiography System

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XRS-9000D  system has been designed as a world-class direct digital imaging system for use in hospital emergency departments,traumatology and all general radiology applications.

The C-arm designing maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor,regardless of C-arm tilt positions or image receptor angle.

Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for all patients in standing ,sitting or laying position,including those who war disable or physically restricted.

  • All system movements are motorized

XRS-9000D  provide a variable source to image distance(SID)of 100 to 180cm(40”-72”) to accommodate a range of radiographics studies.

The x-ray tube assemble can be easly moved from 100 to 180cm (40”-72”) at any C-arm angle position,by using the operator hand control.

User-friendly console and constant alignment of x ray table and digital image receptor guarantee efficient and confidence diagnosis.

XRS-9000D C-arm design accommodates cross-table for easy patient positioning with the patient table the patient can be moved into any required position with the need for re positioning.

  • Power: 50KV
  • The flate panel detector is a device that converts static radiogical images into digital clean images.


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