UV Crosslinker( UV Crosslinker)


Product Code:559
Brand:UV Crosslinker
CL Series

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The UVIlink UV crosslinker is especially designed for binding nucleic acids to membranes. Amembrane keypad facilitates manual or preset control of the desired UV dosage and exposure time, while a highly accurate microprocessor-controlled photo-feedback system maintainsuniform output from each of the crosslinker’s five 8-Watt UV bulbs. Other features comprise safety interlock switches to prevent accidental UV leakage during operation, a clearly visible

LED, plus a large interior chamber and small footprint area. The crosslinker may be used in a variety of applications, such as colony or plaque lifts, UV sterilisation and gene mapping or DNA damage studies


Ording information

CL254 Shortwave crosslinker, 254nm, 240V
CL302 Midrange crosslinker, 302nm, 240V
CL365 Longwave crosslinker, 365nm, 240V
CL-508.G$ Shortwave crosslinker, 254nm, 110V
CL-508.M$ Midrange crosslinker, 302nm, 110V
CL-508.BL$ Longwave crosslinker, 365nm, 110V


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