ABA-300C Close System / ABA-300 Open system


Product Code: 657
Brand: Biochemical Analyzer – Fully Automatic

ABA-300C Close System / ABA-300 Open system

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Machine type: Randon access, open reagent & locked reagent (Optional)

Test speed: Constant 300 test/hour(Single or double reagent)

Test principle: Colorimetric method, turbdimetry

Test method:1 point end,2 point end, Fixed-Time, Kinetics

Sample tray:70 sample positions.

Sample cup type: Micro cup & test tube

Reagent tray:70 reagent positions

Sample volume: 2-30ul.step bu 0.1ul

Reagent volume:2-300ul,step by 1 ul

Sample & Reagent bar code reader(Optional)

Reagent unit

Reaction tray: 90 high quality plastic cuvettes

Reagent volume:150ul-350ul

Reaction time:10 minutes

Temperature: Pelletier pad incubation system. Reaction temperature (37 ℃± 0.1℃ )

Cuvette washing:3*5 steps automatic washing



Versatile precision sampler

Mirror polishing of the inner and outer walls, automatic wash of the inner and outer walls (reduce cross-contamination)

Special sample addition needle, integration of high sensitivity level detection sensor, timely feedback on the remaining amount of reagent samples

Pin protection

The depth of the sample needle is automatically adjusted


Excellent mixing needle design

Mixing needle with Teflon coating, no hanging liquid (reduce cross-contamination)

Standard mixing procedure, excellent mixing effect


Reagent plate, sample plate

70 reagent bits, 70 sample bits

The reagent tray has a built-in Paltry cooling system

Reagent barcode scanning (optional)


Reaction disk

90 color cups

The minimum reaction is 150 μl

Stable and accurate reaction temperature (37±0.1 degrees C)


Cleaning mechanism

5-stage needle cleaning

3 repeated cleanings

Efficient cleaning to ensure accurate results and reliable diagnosis


Powerful software system

User-friendly software interface for easy operation, automatic dilution of samples (minus, increment, normal), shielding test items and automatically identifying alarms when reagents or standards run out

Real-time monitoring of the whole reaction process, dynamic display of reaction curves, quality control charts, temperature monitoring, reagent balance and other illustrations

Supports a variety of nonlinear curve calibration types, supports automatic sample dilution, increment, reduction function, is a variety of analytical projects, especially immunologic projects a good assistant




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