ABA-200 Open System


Product Code: 653
Brand: Biochemical Analyzer – Automatic

ABA-200  open system

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Vertical automatic biochemistry analyzer

  • ·Compact design:650cm*700cm*1200cm

Best choice of small biochemistry analyzer

  • ·Independent mixer probe
  • ·Less utility of reagents : 20-300 μl/test
  • ·Efficiency speed: 200 tests/hour
  • ·User friendly: smart and easy operating software
  • ·High accuracy: minimal operating/random errors

System functions

  • ·Analysis methods:end-point,kinetic,two-point, double-reagent, double-wave length, multi-standard etc, open to different brand reagents


Sample volume

1-30ul,0.1μl step

Sample position

40 pcs

Reagent position

80 pcs (With refrigerated function)
Reagent volume

20-300 μl,1μl step Reaction system

Reaction cuvette

44 reusable cuvettes

Optical length of cuvette


Reaction volume


Reaction time

10 minutes

Reaction temperature

37±0.1℃,automatic heating


Optical system:

Light source



300-700nm,8 wavelengths, Precision±1nm (4 positions are optional)

Absorbance range




Calibration and Quality control individually

  • Calibration: linear/nonlinear,one point,multi-point(Max 8 points)
  • Quality control: QC plot automatically depict the   function condition,show the QC results,.

Working condition

  • Power supply: ~100-240V, 50-60Hz,1000VA
  • Temperature: 10-40℃
  • Humidity:≤90%, no dew

Operation computer system

  • Windows7,Windows 8 or above, windows XP

Input and output

  • Input’s interface/computer
  • Output: Multi-format printout

Technical Specification

Sample/Reagent tray

  • ·40 sample position
  • ·80 reagent position
  • ·Reagent refrigerated function

Reaction tray:

  • ·44 reusable cuvettes
  • ·Automatic blank testing for cuvettes
  • ·Colorimetry systemof the pattern of light splitting behind cuvettes
  • ·Dismountable, easily replacement
  • ·Reaction temperature 37℃,constant temperature function

Sample/Reagent Probe:

  • ·Automatic liquid level detecting
  • ·Collision protection function
  • ·Probe internal/external washing
  • ·Probe deepth automatic adjustment

Auto cleaning system

  • ·Automatically 4-step wash
  • ·3 times repeat wash
  • ·Hi-tech washing station to ensure accurate results

Auto mixer, independently

  • ·Automatically mix reagent and sample in cuvettes
  • ·Ensure full reaction
  • ·Automated wash itself
  • ·Avoid cross-contamination

Perfect standard diagram

  • ·Automaticshow reaction curve
  • ·QC result diagram recorder,print available

Intelligent software

  • ·Automatic washing cuvette when start test&finish test
  • ·Automatic detect sample& reagent volume
  • ·Reaction temperature detecting when startup
  • ·Alarm: automatic alarm of no reagent,no sample,wrong run,out of linearity range etc
  • ·Automatic re-test sample in next order after no reagent

Real-time and Dynamic display running status

  • ·Real-time show the running status
  • ·Real-time show the status of reagent tray,sample tray,cuvettes
  • ·Rea-time update the reagent residual volume


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